Gifts from Faculty, Staff, and Friends

Once again, each and every faculty member made a gift to the School. We appreciate their generosity and that of all members of the EHS community who give to Episcopal in so many ways.

EHS is also grateful for the support of special friends, who encompass a spectrum of donors, including brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and friends of students and alumni.

Total Gifts: $102,833

Faculty and Staff

Ms. Kimberly G. Adams and Ms. Nancy Smalley

Mr. and Mrs. Garth Q. Ainslie ’84

Mrs. Ellen S. Albers and Mr. Ken Albers

Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Alley

Mr. C. Bodhi Amos

Mr. and Mrs. Javier Bastos

Mr. Thomas V. Berry, Jr. and Dr. Deborah W. Berry

Ms. Lindsay Bingham

Mr. Warner L. Blunt IV ’07

Dr. Adrianna Bravo and Mr. Matthew T. Fitzgerald

Ms. Juliana Elisabeth Bush ’96

Mrs. Elise Canfield and Mr. Neil Canfield

Mr. Marc A. Carter and Mrs. Laurén Carter

Mr. Mark T. Carter and Mr. Kent I. Scott-Smith

Ms. Anne T. Carver and Mr. Justin Ward

Mrs. Kathleen Caslow and Mr. Douglass Caslow

Mr. Stephen R. Castle and Mrs. Susan D. Castle

Mr. David W. Collins and Mrs. Anna H. Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Conklin

Mr. Benjamin Courchesne and Mrs. Audrey G. Courchesne

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Davies

Mr. Douglas Daza-Quintero

Mr. and Mrs. William H. deButts III ’76

Ms. Donna Dhue

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Dickson

Dr. Richard S. Dixon, Jr. and Mrs. Elsabe J. Dixon

Mr. David A. Douglas and Mrs. Ann M. Douglas

Mrs. Anita B. Doyle and Mr. Peter Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel A. Ebel

Ms. Lauren E. Echko

Ms. Caroline E. English

Mr. Brent Erstad and Mr. Joe Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Billy T. Faires

Ms. Katharine D. Farrar ’07

Mrs. Mary S. Fielder and Mr. James D. Fielder

Mrs. Sarah E. Fite and Mr. David Fite

Mr. James J. Fitzpatrick and Mrs. Jennifer S. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Stacie R. Galiger

Ms. Jessica J. George

Mrs. Lucy Whittle Goldstein ’97 and Mr. Jeremy Goldstein

The Rev. Elizabeth Carmody Gonzalez

Mrs. Catherine B. Gomez-Goodnow and Mr. Peter P. Goodnow

Mrs. Joey L. Halm

Mr. and Mrs. G. Henry Harris IV

Mrs. Jessica D. Hazlett and Mr. Matthew L. Hazlett

Ms. Elizabeth A. Henderson ’11

Ms. Susan Heyman

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Hodge, Jr. ’89

Mrs. Christina M. Holt and Mr. Charles S. Holt

Ms. Kristin Hosmer

Mr. and Mrs. Evan D. Hudspeth

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hummel

Ms. Heidi R. Huntley

Mrs. Katherine R. Kantz and Mr. Glenn Kantz

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kean

Ms. Rachel R. Kelly

Mr. Norman G. Kim-Senior and Mrs. Tran G. Kim-Senior

Mr. Hugh S. Koeze and Ms. Megan Oleynik

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley O. Kovach

Dr. Colleen A. Krivacek and Mr. Paul Krivacek

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan E. Lee ’01

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Lindsay

Mrs. Tara S. Maglio

Ms. Kacey L. Meaker

Dr. J. Michael Miller and Ms. Kay Marshall

Mrs. Eleanor C. Moore and Mr. Toby Moore

Mr. J. Whittelsey Morgan and Ms. Alison Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Moroz

Ms. Constance M. Morris

Mrs. Frances deSaussure Murray ’06 and Mr. William R. Murray

Mrs. Kristy L. Newton

Dr. Kimberly G. Olsen and Dr. Kaj Olsen

Mr. William Patti and Ms. Brieanna Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. Frank P. Phillips and Mrs. Meghann J. Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell S. Pinkowski

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Pohjola

Mrs. Molly W. Pugh and Mr. William Pugh

Mr. Lionel L. Rauth

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Reid

Mr. Edwin D. Rengers and Mrs. Dana W. Rengers

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Reynolds

Mrs. Winnie H. Robinson and Mr. R. Alexander Robinson

Mr. Robert J. Rogers, Jr. ’79 and Ms. Rocio M. Mendizabal

Mrs. Mary Schwanda and Mr. Peter Schwanda

The Rev. and Mrs. Timothy J. Seamans

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Slack

Ms. Alexandra A. Smith

Mr. Louis G. Smith and Mrs. Millie McKeachie Smith

Mrs. Stefanie S. Smith and Mr. Stephen Smith

Mr. Joel S. Sohn and Mrs. Sil K. Sohn

Mr. Evan J. Solis

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Stillwell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Streed

Mr. Richard M. Stubbs

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Taglieri and Mr. James W. Taglieri

Mrs. Ashley M. Taylor

Ms. Miranda Elizabeth Kaylor Thompson ’00

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Thompson

Ms. Emily S. Urquhart ’08

Mrs. Brandi W. Vasquez and Mr. Oscar Vasquez

Mrs. Laura Vetter and Mr. Kaj Vetter

Ms. Elizabeth A. Vorlicek and Mr. Nathaniel T. Duffield

Mr. and Mrs. Damian C. Walsh

Ms. Julie Wang

Mrs. Margaret von Werssowetz Waters ’06 and Mr. Edward A. Waters ’06

Mr. Frederick J. Wilcox IV and Ms. Emily W. Straight

Mrs. Amila T. Williams and Mr. Thaddius Q. Williams

Ms. Helen S. Woolworth


Mrs. Joey L. Halm

Dr. J. Michael Miller and Ms. Kay Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Phillips, Jr.

Mr. Richard M. Stubbs

Former Faculty, Former Staff, and Friends

Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Ms. Kate Andreottola

Ms. Susan A. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Baldecchi ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kim Bingham

Mrs. Frederic Scott Bocock

Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Bowen III ’81

Mr. and Mrs. John Peyton McGuire Boyd

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Brown ’79

Mrs. Jane Garnet Brown and Mr. Tyler Brown

Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan III

Mr. Blair Dabney Buck ’66

Ms. Alice Caplan

Mr. Donald F. Carnes

Mrs. Virginia Watt Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clarke Chase

Mrs. Lindsay Whittle Comstock ’99 and Mr. Ethan G. Comstock

Mrs. J. Eddy G. Craig, Jr.

Mrs. Amy Fannon Cupic ’94 and Mr. Steven Cupic

Mrs. Diane H. Del Priore

Mr. Paul Harrington Dent

Mrs. Barbara M. Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Dougherty ’64

Mrs. Charles Wills DuBose

Mrs. Edward R. Dyer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Eckert

Mr. W. Perry Epes III ’65 and The Rev. Gail A. Epes

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Erb

Mrs. Daphne Allen Fair ’02 and Mr. Eric Fair

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Faris

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farrar III

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Farrar, Jr. ’70

Mr. Lyle Hamilton Farrar ’04

Ms. Susan Train Fearon

Mr. and Mrs. Leavenworth M. Ferrell II

Mrs. George H. Flowers III

Ms. Rebecca T. Fouché

Ms. Lela Shari Gant ’96

Ms. Kathleen P. Goldman

Ms. M. Gomez

Mrs. Frank S. Goodman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Gowin

Mr. Ray Kuhn Grenier

Mrs. Kirkland M. Hagerty and Mr. G. Robert Hagerty

Ms. Kaitlin Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd W. Harris IV ’87

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Harris

Dr. Dabney G. Hart

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hathaway

Ms. Olivia Head

Mr. and Mrs. F. Robertson Hershey

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jones III ’86

Ms. Lauren R. Kaplinsky

Mrs. Sally Bugbee Keidel and Mr. Philip Keidel

Mr. and Mrs. G. Winchester Kelly

Mrs. Jane W. Kerewich

Mr. Lawrence Kluttz

Dr. Jean Brown Leonard and Mr. Charles M. Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Lowe, Jr. ’51

Mr. Dickson M. Lupo

Ms. Jacqueline Elizabeth Maher

Mr. and Mrs. Evan J. Male, Jr. ’64

Mr. Robert A. McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. Vollie D. Melson

Mrs. Elizabeth Watts Metcalf ’00 and Mr. David C. Metcalf

Mr. and Mrs. Tyler D. Meurlin ’96

Ms. Mika Mika

Mr. Joseph W. Milam III

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Moorhead

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Newton ’93

Ms. Alexandra Strubing Paradise

Mrs. Allen C. Phillips, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pierce II ’78

Mrs. Robert S. Preston III

Mr. and Mrs. Reid B. Prichett

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Reading

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Rice

Mrs. Robin Manning Riva’98 and Maj. Brian V. Riva

Mr. Richard C. Manson, Jr., P.C.

Mr. James M. Seidule

Mr. and Mrs. Virginius Randolph Shackelford III

Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Skipper

Mrs. Allen Smith III

The Rev. John M. Smith

Mr. K. Dane Snowden ’87

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Soja

Mr. and Mrs. G. Craig Stewart III ’70

Mrs. John K. Train

Mr. and Mrs. Panos J. Voulgaris

Mr. David Stewart Walker, Jr. ’43

Mr. Allen M. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Watts III

Mr. A. L. Shreve Waxter, Jr.

Mrs. David Kerndt Wiecking

Mr. Charles Edward Williams ’04

Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Wise, Jr. ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Wood

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Woodcock and Mr. John A. Woodcock

Ms. Ren Xingle

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Yarborough, Jr. ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis C. Zaytoun ’81