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The Bell Society

Gene Smith ’53 left Episcopal after two years because his academic record was, in his own words, “less than stellar.” Still, he went on to great success — as Honor Council chairman at Sewanee, as Air Force captain and combat-crew navigator, and during a long career in advertising that took him all over the world.

Smith stayed in touch with EHS over the years, looking back fondly on the School for how it shaped him. Now retired and living in The Netherlands, he returned to Episcopal in October 2018 for the first time in 66 years. He toured campus, which was bathed in warm sunlight, and students greeted his introduction at lunch with whoops and cheers.

Reflecting later on his visit, Smith said he left campus feeling “schitterend” and “gezellig” — Dutch words that translate roughly to “sparkling” and “cozy” and capture what he called “the late-life privilege of being fortunate enough to spend a luminous and beautiful day on The Holy Hill after such a long time.”

Through his thoughtful generosity last year, Smith became one of the more than 210 members of the Bell Society, which honors alumni, faculty, families, and EHS friends who have included the School in their estate plans. These are individuals deeply committed to Episcopal, and to helping ensure its bold future.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sanford Ainslie, Jr. ’56

Mr. Lee S. Ainslie III ’82

Mr. H. Heath Alexander ’72

Mr. Shepard B. Ansley ’57

Mr. B. Drummond Ayres, Jr. ’53

Mr. Robert Flowers Baker ’54

Mr. Christopher Columbus Baldwin, Jr. 1917 *

The Hon. Thomas Cass Ballenger ’44 *

Mr. C. Minor Barringer ’38 *

Mr. James Hardin Barton ’61

Mr. William Keays Bass III ’01

Mr. Ian David Beed ’03

Mr. Richard Manning Berkeley ’70

Mr. Frederick Harding Billups, Jr. ’56

Dr. Edward Albert Blackburn, Jr. ’42 *

Mr. William Dows Blake ’51 *

Mr. Winton Malcolm Blount III ’62 *

Mr. Alexander Hamilton Bocock ’86

Mr. Stayton Montgomery Bonner ’45 *

Mr. Abney Saunders Boxley III ’76

Mr. Morton Boyd, Jr. ’54

Col. Kimberly Brabson ’33 *

Mrs. Francis Poe Brawley *

Mr. H. Harrison Braxton, Jr. ’54

Mr. Richard Van Bray, Jr. ’65

Mr. James K. Bruton, Jr. ’62

Mr. John Garrett Burke ’85

Mr. John Woodfin Burress III ’54

Ms. Nancy Bellamy Bush

Mr. Benjamin Read Cadwalader ’40 *

Mr. Fuller Earle Callaway III ’48 *

Mr. William Morse Calvert ’51

Ms. Jean Carlton

Mr. W. Lyles Carr III ’68

Mr. Edward Langhorn Carrington 1914 *

Mr. James Armstrong Cathcart III ’55

Mr. Thomas Yates Catlett ’77

Mr. Robert Monroe Collie III ’94

Mr. Charles Bell Compton, Jr. ’73

Mr. Charles Wilkerson Cook, Jr. ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Coolidge

Mr. Jesse Wadsworth Couch ’40 *

Mr. Marvin R. Cox ’53

Ms. Kay Cox

Mr. John Crosland, Jr. ’47 *

Mr. W. Page Dame III ’59

Mr. Oscar Swift Davis ’54

Mr. Richard Ralph Davis ’54

Mr. Dulany Forrest deButts III ’41 *

Mr. William Riley Deeble III *

Mr. William Walker Dixon ’52

Mr. Everette L. Doffermyre

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dorrian

Mr. Menard Doswell IV ’62

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Waller T. Dudley

Mr. Philip R. C. Dudley ’91

Mr. Thomas Underwood Dudley II ’61

Mr. Garth Kleber Dunklin ’81

Mr. James Kegebein Dunton ’55

Mr. Richard Snowdon Durham ’58

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Eckert

Mr. Beverley P. Eggleston III ’62

Mr. William Perry Epes III ’65

Mr. James Arnold Everett ’67

Mr. Porter Farrell II ’73

Mr. John Stewart Lucas Fleming ’80

Mr. Charles Dunsmore Fox IV ’71

Mrs. Cecil Gant, Jr.

Dr. Lenora Peters Gant and Dr. Raymond Gant

Mr. James Daniel Gilliam, Jr. ’68

Mr. Edward Howard Goodwin, Jr. ’62

Mr. Cyrus Wiley Grandy V ’64

The Hon. William Moultrie Guerry ’44 *

Mr. Louis Haynes Gump ’57

Mr. Steven Ernst Hagenlock ’87

Mr. and Mrs. Cary Wade Hairfield III

Mr. H. Thomas Hall III ’64

Mr. Alexander Hamilton IV ’52

Mr. George Bernard Hamilton ’55

Mr. Karl Bulow Hancock 1925 *

Mr. David Alexander Harrison III ’35 *

Mr. Landon Hilliard III ’58

Mr. William Hayne Hipp ’58

Mr. Richard Rathborne Graham Hobson ’49

Mr. Alfred Brownley Hodges, Jr. ’48 *

Mrs. Elsa Ezell Holman *

Mr. Wayne James Holman III ’53

Mr. Michael McElwee Holt ’83

Mr. John Carlyle Herbert Hooff, Jr. ’67

The Hon. Henry R. Horsey *

Mr. Archibald Robinson Hoxton IV ’84

Mr. and Mrs. William O. Humleker

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hummel

Mr. Larkin Hundley 1921 *

Mr. Charles D. Hyman and Ms. Janet Healy

Mr. Alexander Susong Jones ’64

Mr. Christopher Elkins Joseph ’03

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Kannensohn

Mr. David Blair Kelso ’70

The Hon. John Worth Kern III ’45 *

Mr. Bennette Geer Keys ’56

Mr. Van Buren Knick II ’84

Mrs. Walter Jones Laird, Jr.

Mr. Philip Dandridge Laird III ’65

Mr. Stanton Townley Lawrence III ’62

Mr. H. Gordon Leggett, Jr. ’50

Mr. James Meriwether Lewis ’64

Mr. Harvey Lee Lindsay, Jr. ’47

Mr. George Willis Logan ’63

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Longino III

Gen. and Mrs. John A. Lynn

Mrs. Katherine Leggett Mabry ’00

Mr. John Evander MacNair III ’62

Mr. Echol Speina Marshall, Jr. ’48 *

Mr. Minor Lee Marston ’51

Mr. Marty Martin ’69

Mr. Robert Elijah Mason III ’52 *

Mr. Malcolm Matheson III ’55

Mr. Robert Vernon May ’64

Mr. John Henry McCormack, Jr. ’44 *

Mr. Norman F. McGowin, Jr. ’48 *

Mr. Andrew John McIlwraith ’82

Mr. Alexander James McKinnon ’81

Mr. James DuBois McNeely ’50 *

Mr. Charles Henry Merriman III ’51

Mr. Tyler Drew Meurlin ’96

Mr. Jerome Hamilton Michael ’51

Mrs. Sarah Watts Miller *

Mr. Benjamin Allston Moore, Jr. ’48 *

Mr. Hugh Jackson Morgan, Jr. ’46

Mr. James McKay Morton ’69 *

Mr. William Shaw Mulherin ’70

Mr. Charles Joseph Nager, Jr. ’46

Mrs. Philip E. Nuttle, Sr. *

Mr. Charles Elis Olsson ’82

Mr. Rye Burrus Page, Jr. ’40 *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert James Page

Mr. William Anderson Parker, Jr. ’45 *

Col. Charles Henry Parsons II ’41 *

Mr. Bailey Patrick, Jr. ’53

Mr. Julian Hardy Patten II ’51

Maj. Thomas Norville Pattie ’56

Mr. William Ravenel Peelle, Jr. ’66

Ms. Nicole H. Perry and Mr. Andrew T. C. Stifler

Mr. Augustus Winniett Peters ’45 *

Mr. L. Gordon and Mrs. June D. Pfefferkorn *

Dr. Richard L. Pietsch ’58

Mr. St. George Bryan Pinckney ’65

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Alton Porter, Jr.

Mr. William Spencer Ragland ’83

Mr. Carl Sutton Ragsdale ’58

Mr. I. Mayo Read ’53

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Reese

Mr. Charles Ligon Richards ’39 *

Mr. Hugh I. Richardson, Jr. ’48

Mr. Henry Carrington Riely ’73

Mr. Bruce Huyler Rinehart ’56

Mr. Rodger Richmond Rinehart, Jr. ’45 *

Mr. John Ritchie, Jr. ’50

Mr. Russell Hill Roberts ’56

Mr. Julian Hart Robertson, Jr. ’51

The Hon. Frank Waters Rogers III ’75

Mr. Randolph Parker Romaine ’68

Mr. Dalton Dillard Ruffin, Jr. ’76

Mr. James Lynah Rumsey ’51

Mr. Reginald E. Rutledge, Jr. ’51

Mr. Paul Edmunds Sackett, Jr. ’54

Mr. Milton Jarnagin Sams ’70

Mr. William Thelin Saunders, Jr. ’56

Mr. Lewis Claiborne Seward 1916 *

Ms. Laura Lewis Shelburne

Mr. A. Pope Shuford ’58

Dr. James Gordon Simmonds ’53 *

Mr. Allen Johnson Simpson ’58 *

Mr. James Daniel Simpson III ’59

Mr. John Paddock Sisson ’44 *

Mr. James Hampden Small III ’48 *

Mr. Paris Eugene Smith ’53

Mr. Blair W. Smith and Mrs. Stirling C. Smith

Mr. Geoffrey Powell Snodgrass ’71

Mr. John Wesley Spears, Jr. ’66

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Spotswood *

Mr. George Craig Stewart III ’70

Mr. Charles William Swinford, Jr. ’72

Mr. Hollis Crosby Taggart ’67

Mrs. Leah Kannensohn Tennille ’01

Mr. George Richard Thompson, Jr. ’48

Mr. John Huger Tison ’60

Mr. Lucas Young Tomlinson ’97

Mr. Charles Vawter Tompkins, Jr. ’54

Mr. John LeRoy Townsend III ’73

Mr. John Maurice Trask III ’81

Mr. Rudolph Turk 1909 *

Mr. Humphrey Strang Tyler ’65

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Tyree

Mrs. Allison W. Vadhan

Mr. Peter Payne Van Blarcom ’51

The Hon. Laurance Browning VanMeter ’76

Mr. Leonidas Clyde Vaughan IV ’93

Mr. Louis S. Waldrop, Sr. ’42

Mr. David Stewart Walker, Jr. ’43 *

Mr. Edward B. Walker ’85

Mr. Charles Hansell Watt III ’66 *

Mr. William Deal Waxter III ’43 *

Mr. Richard Cunningham Wight III ’64

Mr. Donaldson Gray Williams ’80

Dr. E. Edwin Wilson, Jr. ’45

Dr. Robert Wilson, Jr. ’54

Dr. Henry A. Wise II ’55

Mr. David Joseph Wood, Jr. ’42

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller Wood II ’45 *

Mr. Randolph Woods Wyckoff ’66

Mr. William Townend Ylvisaker

Mr. Arthur Rutledge Young ’66